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When one of your clients suffers significant damages, either material or economic for profits loss, or requires a technical expert, it’s crucial to assist them with a prompt legal support and a technical expert opinion in order to efficiently and effectively manage the issue.

GARAperizie is the ideal resource to assist you in these delicate circumstances, because it’s able to support you in all areas where technical and economic skills as well as an excellent knowledge of the procedure requiring a court-appointed technical expert report (CTU) and a preventive technical assessment (ATP).

GARAperizie will offer you the competent consulting services of a highly qualified, expert team of engineers, accountants, lawyers and professors from the most authoritative Universities.

Furthermore, there are other good reasons to engage GARAperizie, as:

  1. GARAperizie is not a consultant for any Insurance Company and is therefore absolutely independent;
  2. GARAperizie has been engaged as party-appointed technical expert in over 1,000 litigations, including insurance claims and civil actions;
  3. GARAperizie is expert in legal procedures requiring both court-appointed technical expert reports (CTU) or preventive technical assessments (ATP) and in contractual surveys according to policy terms (with 2 technical experts or 3 technical experts in case of a “third report”), and in the evaluation of any type of damages, either direct material or indirect economic ones;
  4. GARAperizie is ready to support you in the challenge with SWORN TECHNICAL EXPERT REPORTS.

GARAperizie has currently ongoing partnerships with several major national and international law firms.

GARAperizie is looking forward to meeting with you to define the best collaboration for Your Clients.

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