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GARAperizie has been operating in the field of Insurance Assessments for many years, with a dynamic and professional structure distributed throughout Italy, with specialization in the technical expert management of complex claims for the following events: fire, wild weather, natural disasters (floods and earthquakes), theft. This activity represents the core of our business in technical expert consulting services that we offer to Public Institutions, thereby excluding any consulting relationship with any Insurance Companies. The cost of our service is almost always contemplated in the insurance policies, in addition to compensation for damages, as generally provided in the clause “Experts’ Fees”.

Thanks to its strict commitment and professional expertise, GARAperizie has gained the trust of several Public Institutions that have become its clients, thereby contributing to its continuing growth. Our Company presently includes a team of about 20 professionals operating in various cities throughout Italy (Bari, Brescia, Macerata, Novara, Rome, Trieste and Venice) providing a quick and efficient response to our clients’ needs with technical expert opinions, claims assessment and management (insurance policy clause related to “Mandate to Loss Assessors”) in order to achieve the best and right compensation for damages suffered.

GARAperizie is also specialized in the management of outstanding claims for which Insurance Companies refuse to offer a satisfactory settlement. In such cases we are ready to examine the matter and submit a quotation to guide the subsequent decision-making process of the Public Institution.


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