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Unfortunately, it might happen that due to unexpected unlucky events severe damages are caused to your assets, for instance due to fires, earthquakes, flooding, thefts that can be very traumatic and negative for the assets you have built with many efforts over the years. A sense of helplessness and confusion may prevail preventing you from effectively managing the difficult situation.

In such circumstances, any extraordinary activity resulting from post-damage management may prove to be a hard and complex task.

GARAperizie focus is to timely and efficiently assist the damaged person in dealing with all kinds of practical, bureaucratic and technical issues with the Insurance Company, in order to enable the policy holder to obtain adequate  damage compensation.

GARAperizie is able to provide extensive and comprehensive support: indications about how to save the damaged properties, manage bureaucratic procedures, and technically quantitatively estimate the incurred loss in order to define the economic  settlement with the adjuster appointed by your insurance company.

The intervention of GARAperizie often proves to be very effective also in the event of a deadlocked situation with outstanding claims, or in any other case in which companies and individuals are not able to obtain the right economic compensation for the suffered damage.

After giving the assignment to GARAperizie, all doubts and uncertainties about how to properly claim adequate damage compensation disappear.

What are you waiting for? Call GARAperizie and solve your problems, don’t  waste your time!

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