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Damages caused by earthquakes are also called extensive damages, because they usually affect several buildings in a certain geographic area, as it happened with the majors earthquake in 2009 in Abruzzo, in 2012 in Emilia and in Central Italy in 2018, where GARAperizie carried out several inspections and surveys in the various affected regions.

In case of damages caused by an earthquake, it is essential to immediately request the intervention of GARAperizie that will assist you with its own technical Experts through the entire insurance claim process, to correctly fulfill all the bureaucratic obligations and precisely calculate minimum damage as compared to deductible.

Thanks to its experience gained in the field of Technical Expert reports, GARAperizie is able to identify also hidden damages, i.e. damages that are not apparent immediately after an earthquake, but become evident over time. Hidden damages can be detected only after a detailed evaluation and allow the insured to claim for the highest compensation possible.

In the event of an earthquake, GARAperizie intervenes with special inspections of non visible areas of the buildings to find out any possible structural failure, to detect gaps in the flooring that could crack the tiles and to ensure that there are no micro damages to the rooftops and machineries (mechanical fatigue cracks).

The team is composed of civil engineers, structural experts and architects who take care of the physical measurements of any cracks (identified damages) under a merely technical point of view;  then these technical results are transformed in a quantum, for the purpose of calculating  the refundable value of the suffered damages.

Finally GARAperizie is able to provide Technical Expert Reports also to non policy-holders for the purpose of applying for damage compensation provided by the Municipality or the Region based on the assessment and consequent definition of the event as a natural disaster.

Normally people believe that in the event of an earthquake only serious damages should be reported to their insurance companies; however, contrary to such common belief, the general coverage for earthquakes contemplates all structural and non-structural damages, including slight damages and small cracks (provided that the deductible is not too high).Salva


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