A prior analysis of the eventual problems concerning company risks is one of the ancillary activities cared by GARAperizie aimed at protecting the future of the assured company.

Unfortunately policyholders have not always time and resources to take care in advance of RISK ASSESSMENT or rather a combination of evaluations and techniques that consider “risk” as the key element to guide the planning choices of a product or a service. The “risk” is the expected probability that in a “Company System” problems, misunderstandings, deficiencies occur by damaging people or things, or more generally, by causing assets losses.

In this light GARAperizie takes care in advance of risks analysis, by focusing above all on the technical- Expert evaluation of the policy intended as RISK TRANSFER element able to provide the right economic refund in the event of claim which could damage the company assets.


  1. Proper estimate of the insurable capitals: if a proper evaluation of the assets and of the properties that the company should insure is not made, the risk is to incur in the application of the proportional rule (Art. 1907 of the Civil Code), this means when the claim occurs  the insured properties value is higher than the capitals declared into the policy of the wide range of building lots, machinery and goods.In this case the insured will not be refunded for the total amount of the damage but will receive a reduced compensation according to the relation between the insured capital and the value of the above mentioned lots when the damage has occurred. GARAperizie is able to identify to the insured the correct values to be insured for a complete protection of its assets;
  2. Check of the risk aggravation: when the insured assets has been described into the policy with specific, physical and logistical skills which do not match to the real characteristics that have been found from the insurance Expert during the checks carried out in the event of damage, unfortunately you may incur into some reservations from the insurance company to settle damages because of the risk aggravation (art. 1898 of the Civil Code). This means  that the insured could get a part or no refund from the insurance. GARAperizie is able to find and underline to the insured all these potential dangers and avoid unpleasant news in case of claim;
  3. Check of completeness and suitability of the insurance clauses: a insurance policy does not always contain all the necessary insurance coverages to protect the company for the wide range of claims that might damage it.

In this unlikely event the insured would have no insurance coverage at all with a serious and no refundable financial damage. GARAperizie after a careful analysis of the company features is able to find out any possible missing clauses into the policy contract and to point them out to the insured that can proceed to integrate them into his own policy.

GARAperizie takes advantage of many years of experience gained in damages management and of a deep knowledge of the insurance world to assess the suitability and completeness of your policy to allow you to better and calmly face your own future.