Damages caused by earthquake are also called extensive damages because they usually affect a different range of buildings located in a certain geographic area, as you can remember this was the case of the serious earthquake in Abruzzo, where GARAperizie have done several interventions in the whole region, especially in the city of Aquila.

Normally people use to think that to report to one’s own insurance damages due to an earthquake, properties involved into the insurance policy should have been seriously damaged, instead the earthquake guarantee recognizes all structural and non structural damages caused by an earthquake, slight damages too, small cracks as well (provided that the foreseen deductible is not too high).

Therefore in case of damages due to an earthquake it is essential to require immediately the intervention of GARAperizie that with its own Experts and technicians assists the insured throughout the correct fulfillment of all the bureaucratic obligations and the immediate calculation of the sure minimum damages to compare with the deductible.

GARAperizie thanks to its experience gained into the Expertises field, is able to detect even the so-called hidden damages, ie those damages that you cannot see immediately after an earthquake but that may be seen in the course of time. Hidden damages can be detected only after a detailed exam and allow the insured to ask the maximum refund possible.

In the event of an earthquake, GARAperizie intervenes with specific inquiries of non visible areas of the buildings to find out any possible structural failure, to detect gaps in the flooring that could crack the tiles and to ensure that there are no micro damages to the rooftops and machineries (mechanical fatigue cracks).

Team is composed of civil engineers, structuralists and architects and they will carry out the physical measurement of the crack (all lesions present) from a purely technical point of view, then these technical results will be transformed in a quantum, this means the refundable value of the suffered damages.

Lastly GARAperizie is able to provide the Expert even to those who do not have an insurance policy to be forwarded to the Municipality for the regional or provincial financing, possibly resulting from the recognition of the natural disasters.