GARAperizie offers party insurance expertise services to companies, administrations and individuals who have suffered damages to their own assets and/or stops to the production activity.

GARAperizie performs the same activities of the expertise companies working for the insurances, but GARAperizie works directly for the insured by supporting him or for who has suffered a damage from a third party.

The opportunity to resort to a party expertise advice is a possibility expressly provided into the insurance policies that the insured has the power and is entitled to take.

“Party Expertise Advice” means to assist the Client from a technical, managerial and bureaucratic point of view from the moment the damage occurs, due to accidents or a third liability, until the production activity resumes, with the aim to get the best refund to the Client.

GARAperizie handles the following types of consultancies:

Party expertise consultancy activity is carried out in several stages:

  1. Indications for damages control when the damage occurs (rescue operations);
  2. Definition of the urgent expertise operations to be carried out together with the Expert appointed by the insurance company (physical inspection, samples, etc.);
  3. Assistance and consultancy in suppliers management for the reconstruction and restoration of the damages parts;
  4. Classification of the damages in categories, including those hidden, eligible for compensation by the policy;
  5. Assistance for the identification and writing up all the necessary documents to demonstrate and claim to the expert appointed by the insurance all the suffered damages;
  6. The best refund has to be defined in favor of the Client, after the negotiation with the Expert appointed by the insurance has been made.

GARAperizie works exclusively in favor of the companies, administrations and individuals.

GARAperizie service cost is quite always foreseen by the insurance policy in adition to the damages suffered (see clauses “Art. Experts fees” or “Art. Appraisals costs”.

GARAperizie is paid only after its own Client has actually received the refund or compensation by the insurance.

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