When your customer suffers significant damage, be it material or economic nature for profits loss, or require a technical expert, it is the crucial moment to give him an important response through an emergency legal support in addiction to technical-scientific-estimated help to to better manage the dispute.

GARAperizie is the ideal resource to support you in this delicate moment, ‘couse it’s able to support you in all areas where technical and economic skills are required, and axcellent knowledge of the CTU and ATP procedure.

Taking GARAperizie services you have access to a qualified and cohesive team of engineers, accountants, lawyers and universities teacher.

But there are other good reasons to use GARAperizie, as:

  1. GARAperizie is not a consultant for any Insurance Company and it’s absolute independent from their;
  2. GARAperizie lent part in more than 1,000 consultations, contemplate civil cases and disputes between insurance claims;
  3. GARAperizie has working skills in CTU or ATP, both in contractual expertise in accordance with the policy terms (appraisal with 2 or 3 experts, in “third report”), both in any type of damage ,direct or indirect, in economic materials;

GARAperizie has currently  ongoing partnerships with several major national and international law firms.

GARAperizie is ready to meet with you to define the best collaboration for Your Customers.

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