GARAperizie operates in the Insurance Appraisals of many years, with a dynamic and professional structure distributed throughout the national territory, and it’s specialized in technical  management of complex claims: fire, weather events, natural disasters (floods and earthquakes), theft. This activity is the main characteristic of our service,and we offer it in favor of public authority, excluding any consulting relationship with Insurance Companies. The cost of our service is almost always recognized by policy, in addition to compensation for damages, according to a clause ,usually named “Honorary expert”.

The GARAperizie skills  and professional experiences have been benefit from the trust  of many Public authority then  become customers, and as consequence of this continued growth,our Company has a team of about 20 professionals distributed in various locations along the Italian territory (Bari, Brescia, Macerata, Novara, Rome, Trieste and Venice) through which it is able to operate efficiently and quickly with expert estimation and claims management (policy of “Commissioning of experts”) clause, necessary to achieve the best and just compensation for damages suffered.

GARAperizie is also specialized in get stuck claims where the Insurance Companies refuse to offer a satisfactory settlement. In this case we are ready to examine the position with no obligation ,to draw up expert technical advice and a quote useful to guide the subsequent Public authority decisions.

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