Unfortunately, sometimes fate can reserve you unpleasant surprises compromising your assets with serious damages such as those coming from fires, earthquakes, but also floods, flooding, thefts that can be very traumatic and negative for the assets that you have hard built over the years. A sense of helplessness and confusion may attack you preventing you from better manage the difficult time which occurred.

In such kind of situations every extraordinary activity resulting from the management of post-damage just occurred, may turn a hard task full of pitfalls and additional bad surprises.

GARAperizie focus is to assist the damaged person in this particular situation by providing early indications of practical nature, until the bureaucratic and technical comparison with the Insurance, in order to enable it to achieve the correct refund for damages suffered.

GARAperizie is able to provide a wide and diversified range of contribution elements: from the first advices to save, when possible, the damaged goods, up to the management of the bureaucratic procedures, to the technical quantification of the suffered losses and to the definition of the economical  settlement with the trustee Expert of your insurance company.

GARAperizie intervention often proves to be resolutive even in the event of problems with frozen practices, the so-called “stranded claims”. ie all those cases where companies and individuals are not able to obtain the right economical refund for the suffered damage.

Since the first moment GARAperizie has been charged of the matter, all doubts and uncertainties about how to proceed properly disappear  and this means to see clearly how to gain the right refund about the suffered damages.

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