Party’s Expertises advice services for Brokers-Agents

When one of your insured Clients suffer a heavy damage, this is the key moment to give him an important response through an efficient practical help during the early phases of the after-damage with a relevant efficient damage management.

This very important phase, when it is featured not only by your important effort, but also by a very high professional and specific technical-estimative Expert support, may represent an element of high added value that your Client will surely recognize you.

GARAperizie is the ideal resource to support you in this important and delicate moment, as it is able to fulfill the above mentioned matters with a significant professionality, by allowing you to offer to your Client a high quality service both in property sector and rc one.

By using GARAperizie services you can acces a qualified and cohesive team of engineers, accountants, lawyers and teachers by the most important Universities.

Some other good reasons to call GARAperizie:

  1. GARAperizie do not act for any Insurance Company by guaranteeing an absolute independence and protection of the insured’s interests;
  2. GARAperizie has managed and settled more than 1000 of Party’s damages, of whom 750 are of very large amount;
  3. GARAperizie is leader both in the Expert procedure, according to the policy conditions (formal Expert with 2 appraisers or 3 in “third expert”) , and in the estimation of the suffered damage;
  4. GARAperizie works closely and in synergy with your accounts and claim specialists to form the ideal team to assist the Insured.

GARAperizie is currently having partnerships with several important national and International Brokers.

GARAperizie is ready to meet you to define the best cooperation possible to assist your Clients.


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