GARAperizie is an innovative and highly specialized expert ADVICE for your own.

GARAperizie which does not act in behalf of any Insurance Company, focuses itself exclusively to the counseling and protection of the rights of other Companies and Private Parties who have suffered one of the following situations:

Damages due to fire;

Bad weather damages;

Catastrophe flooding damages;

Catastrophe earthquake damages;

Damages due to snow overloading;

Damages due to systems/machineries breakdown (on Technological Risks policy);

Indirect damages due to production stop (on Lop, Mdc, Diaria policy);

Damages due to theft;

Damages caused by Atp or Ctu disputes (on behalf of law firms);

Damages for civil liability of a third party;

Damages caused by civil liability of products (from defective product);

Civil liability damages due to underground excavations;

Civil liability damages due to the constructor (ten year guarantee policy);

Civil liability damages for energy supply failure;

Get stuck loss.

GARAperizie assists also the leading Insurance Brokers and Law Firms when their Customers are affected by hard damages from a technical and/or insurance managerial point of view.

GARAperizie’s Customer (an insured with his own policy or a damaged party because of a Third Charged) is sure of being able to claim and document all damages suffered, those hidden (damages which do not appear immediately when claim occurs but afterwards) and those indirect included, indirect damages from earning loss usually cause heavy losses even higher than direct and material damages.

Party Expertise means to make use of the possibility foreseen by most of Fire insurance policies, to instruct their own fiduciary Expert to interact with the Expert instructed by the insurance.

Thanks to the party Expertise, the insured is supported at 360° from the moment the claim occurs until the settlement of the economic refund (final settlement) agreed with the insurance Expert.

Expertise costs use to be covered by the insurance policy.

Usually you are not aware of the fact that the activity of a party Expert is foreseen by insurance policies (see clause Experts’ fees) and is settled by them in addition to the damages, therefore service is free of charge for the Customer.

GARAperizie helps its own Customer to allow him to get the best refund in the event of damage, directly when he is insured by his own insurance policy, or by a third Responsible Party if e has been damaged by this one.

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